Okay, here is a simple suggestion that could make a BIG difference in your life.  Do you use your right or left hand to PAUSE with your remote?  Good.  Now, when you are just cruising through your day, chill-axing, remember to push your PAUSE on your thoughts and emotions.  That’s right.  Your are WIRED, in fact.  You have a whole neurology that is a mega highway of pathways connected to  billions of neurons.  So, make a fist, push your thumb down on your first finger, and PAUSE.

Now what?  Remind yourself to BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT.  Take one minute, three deep breaths, and come back to the CENTER of your being.  No thoughts allowed.  No emotions allowed.

That is it!  Try this at least 5 times a day, and then increase it as needed.  Once you push your remote back on PLAY, what do you do?  Anything y0u choose.  Remember, be PRESENT IN THE MOMENT.



All words are invented.  This word, Chillax is very cool, a combination of Chill-out and relax.  This is my advice to everyone.  You worried, angry, frustrated.  Who isn’t?

Chillax!  Take a Chill Pill.

Writers! Submit an article!

Writers!  Thunderbird Journal is an opportunity to publish a small article.  The audience is open to the lessons that life offers.  If you have something already written that you can fine tune and submit, that would be great!  If you feel the muse flow – let it!  What you learn from ‘writing’ is the gift inside the gift.

The deadline for submission  is June 1st, 2013.  While the article you submit can be about anything, I am focusing on TRANSITS.  We all know this is a transitory world, and at all points along our lifeline there are transitions.  Some are BIG.  Dealing with aging, illness and dying is BIG! Each of us experiences many changes and transits in our life:  beginning or ending a relationship; giving birth; the empty nest; loss or change of a job; retirement; travel, and of course losing a loved person or animal to death. Many transitions require work on our self as we learn to let go of thoughts and emotions and live in the moment.

Writing is the magical vessel that can help you make sense of the transits of your life.  So write, and learn!

If you would like to share one of your writings please attach a word file and email it to

Just a brief moment I would like to share with you.  A moment of reflection.  These last two to three years have been the beginning of a new phase in my life.  Words like Cancer, Heart byPass, Vision changes, and Death pass through my compromised field of vision.

As I seek, like many of you, the dharmakaya, the clear light of spiritual awakening,  my vision is hopefully, temporarily impaired,  and my ‘seeing’ is improving.

However, I have to wonder, since melting-in happens in my life all of the time, that I am missing something in my inner seeing.  So, my eye is hopefully repairing itself after a retinal tear and treatment.  Melting-in happens like this, I am reading something, rather obscure, and the radio is on, and suddenly they are talking about this obscure topic.  Melting-in can happen anywhere.  It clearly has some psychic components when it happens with people I am talking to, but it is a little more complex when the TV or radio ‘says’ something about autism and the God Connection, for example.

I therefore watch carefully when melting-in happens, and perhaps with our bodies their is a psychic somatic connection.  So, my vision is way foggy, floaty, unclear in my left eye.(uh-oh).  I am of course doing all that the medical ‘practice’ is suggesting, but I am finding that my personal ‘practice’ is reinventing itself.  I suspect that this psychic somatic connection is pointing out to me that I could improve my ‘seeing’.

A final thought–we are what we see.





Dharma Center, Jenna and Me

In 1998 I met a young woman who rode up to my house on her motorcycle.  We first met on the internet in a cyberspace cafe known as the Ramalila Message Board.   After our teacher, Rama, left the body, she and I went to the Message Board to chat with  students.

Jeanna, aka, Dhamma, lived in Ocean Beach just blocks away from me. She had studied with Rama in the 90s, and my studies with him began in the 80s.  After a few meetings we discovered we were writing, and beginning to teach meditation.  Jenna suggested we open up a ‘Center’, she found a perfect spot steps from Pacific, and had to twist my mystic arm to convince me this was a great idea.  It was!

13.5 years later Jenna and I are still there! We have a common thread or two that keep us going.  The teacher, the teachings, and dharma.  Our journey together has been a gift, with challenges.  We are sister monks, in love with light.  Maybe eternity put us together because we can push buttons that are hidden deep inside our ego structure, in places where most people can’t go.

Beyond ego, where soul and beyond that, Buddha nature resides, we are monks drenched in the light of awakening, who choose to share what we have learned with anyone who is interested.

About Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz

I studied with Dr.Frederick Lenz, who was known by not only his students but many thousands who attended his public workshops, as Rama.  I met him at  a public workshop in Santa Monica, California in 1982. I cannot really explain to you in words what that first experience was like, nor can I get very close to describing to you in words about all the magic that followed that first encounter.

I felt like I had come home.  I fell into love with the light and energy of God.  An enlightened teacher is really an emptiness, a doorway, that reintroduces students to their home in light.  Rama was able to meditate with such power and grace that he could take students into the highest forms of meditation, known as Samadhi.  Again and again when I sat with him, I simply moved into silence, I merged with light.

This probably makes no sense to you, unless you have been graced with such an experience.  I fell in love with the teacher, because the light and love of God flooded me when I sat with him.  I studied with him from 1982 until 1988.  When he left San Diego, and did much of his teachings on the east coast, I continued my study long distance.  I had a strong connection with him that allowed me to continue the study across time and space.  While being in his physical presence was always wonderful, it was not essential after the inner connection was established.  During all my studentship with Rama I continued to love and live with my husband and my children, and I continued to teach in the public school system.  After Rama’s death I opened a meditation center in San Diego where I have taught for 14 years.

Although Rama died in 1998, the controversy surrounding the man and the teacher is still a discussion point, and the internet provides a forum for debate.  Rama was controversial for many reasons. Families didn’t understand the experience, and I believe they feared what they didn’t understand.  Husbands of students, or moms and dads of students, watched changes and some got very frightened.  They feared that they could lose their loved one to this teacher who they didn’t understand.  Students fall in love with the light.  That is simply what happens when you sit with an enlightened being and the clear light of eternity comes through them.

Even though Rama left the body in  1998 there still seems to be fear surrounding him.  If you google Rama, you will certainly find many sites and blogs that tell you the joy and wonder of studentship with Rama.  You will also find some very negative stories written by people who were disillusioned with Rama.

One thing I do know, each person on this planet has no choice but to experience the world through their own perceptual field.  Whatever experience I had with Rama had to go through my personal perceptions  which are based on my personal history. Everyone here experiences the world, including Rama, through their personal perception.  Therefore each person will report a unique experience.   I believe that karma, and personal dharma drive our lifetime.  We ‘get’ to learn through life lessons, and each of us has a very personal and unique set of lessons.

I am so grateful that I had the very good fortune to meet Rama and to study with him.  I met him while I was right in the middle of my life as a high school teacher, wife,  and mother.  Since his death I have taught a few thousand students over the last 14 years, and both experiences are gifts from eternity.

If you have mixed feelings about this teacher who some call enlightened and others call fake, you might want to read books he has written or listen to free MP3s and ‘hear’ his lectures.  The only truth you can ever know has to come through you, so rather than listen to me, or the rantings of disgruntled students or family members, why not read or listen to what he had to say.  He was Dr. Frederick Lenz.  He is still Rama!

Taking Care of Everyone!

I know, it is NOT the way you thought it would be!  RIGHT!?  “It” rarely turns out like you planned, and when it does, yahoo! This is for you — the person who stands under that big umbrella that says CAREGIVER.

You may be a wife or husband, mom or dad, and on TOP of that you might be taking care of your aging parents.  You might have to care for family or others who are mentally or physically ill, and you might not be able to see an end in sight.  Such is the “way” for many of us.

Coping with the ‘way things are’, not the way ‘you thought life would be’ has a steep learning curve. It is not easy to watch your peers fly off to exotic playgrounds around the world, while you decide how to cook ‘what’ for whom.  It is not easy to hear peers complain about the big decisions that are driving them crazy–whether to return to Africa for their 5th Safari, or go on that cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  Tough decision!

I have found that coping with the ‘reality’ has a lot of baby steps, and some giant steps backward.  If you want my advice, which comes straight  from LIFE experiences read on!

1.  Accept what ‘is’ — in your life  – NOW.
2.  Let go of what you ‘thought’ it would be – because life happens.
3.  Dig into each moment – stay in the moment with acceptance.
4.  Find ways to “travel” to brilliantly happy states of mind – naturally.
5.  Exercise and Breathe deeply – often!
6.  Be fully in the ‘here and now’.  Engage your senses fully in the moment.
7.  Find a practice that helps you quiet your thoughts–sitting or movement yoga.
8.  Read books – so many places to go in your mind – journey with the authors!
9.  Learn about your computer, your ipad, your inner self.  Study.

You can make your journey as a CAREGIVER work for you.  Please know that you have to take care of yourself.  If you do that, and remind yourself that ‘this too will pass’, then inside of each moment you can live in beautiful, even blissful states of mind.  Good Luck, and by the way, SELFLESS GIVING, or KARMA YOGA, is one of the highest pathways on the journey HOME, to LIGHT!

Just Like Buddha

Have you suspected, as I have
That you know
What the great scholars know?

Teachers and Books
I listen, I read
I nod because it is true
It always will be.

Did you guess
Like I have
That you know what the great  Sages Know?

Jesus and Buddha, Krishna and Myma
Touch me with light and grace
Spirit breaking limitless flight.

I know that I am
Like Buddha and Christ
in Love and in LIght! 


Happy Birthday Rama

Dharma Center, which has been open since 1998, held a Thursday night meditation class on February 9, 2012. It was Rama’s Birthday, and  happened to be the night that I teach. We recently added a TV to the center, so that we can have movies and video presentations. I had the Tantric Buddhism video ready to play. People began to drift in, until the room was almost full. Many people were first timers. After the first meditation and dharma talk I played Tantric Buddhism, suggesting that we all continue to meditate as we watched the video. As always, Rama’s humor brightened the room, and I noticed that two women new to Dharma Center were almost hysterical. As the evening ended, Dharma Center regulars stayed for awhile, and the two laughing women shared their story. Their first question, “Who is this guy, and where is he?” They were shocked when I said he had passed, and wanted to know more. Then they told their story. These two women who were from La Jolla,  were walking towards their car to come to tonight’s meditation.   A tall man who looked very very much like Rama got out of his car, and was standing by it.  As the two women passed the tall, curly haired man raised his hands in the air, and said to them “I love technology!” A short conversation ensued, and they said their good-byes. The women drove to Dharma Center, and because it was Rama’s Birthday, there were pictures around the center, some from the 80s, some the 90s. These two women, both named Pam, had never heard of Rama before that night. After watching the video they said the guy by the car was just like Rama, and the topics on the video surrounding technology and sex, along with the humor were the same.   Magic Happens when you hang out with Rama. Perhaps, in ‘reality’ a body is over-rated!   The giddy energy that happened when we sat in Rama’s presence was palpable that evening.  All of the newbees who had started to leave returned to hear our conversation with these women.  We all had ‘the glow’  and no one wanted to leave.   Thanks Rama–Dharma Center sends love and gratitude and laughter your ‘way’!

You Just Never Know

One day you are worried about what you will do for fun. You try and find what it is that makes you ‘happy’. You discuss what is the best choice for travel, for daily happiness. You do what people in America have been trained to do. You prioritize. You might make a Bucket List of all those ‘things’ you want to see, do accomplish. I think all these ‘doings’ are really useful as you step through the moments of your life.

And then, something changes. Someone you love, maybe even you, gets slammed by life. Maybe you fall and break your neck, like my friend Alex. Maybe you find out that you have heart disease, and need a bypass. Maybe you find out that you or your loved one has cancer. Maybe your best friend dies suddenly. Maybe your dog got out and you don’t know if you will ever see him again.

I am not trying to sound like the voice of gloom and doom. Life happens, and if you live long enough, you will look in the face of illness, and death. What will you do in those moments?

You have absolutely NO idea, until you are in the middle of such an experience. I can tell you that having this meditation and mindfulness ‘practice’ is an advantage, a gift, and I will also tell you that your human heart will break, and fear will very likely run through your veins.

You really never know ANYTHING until you experience it. So, enjoy all of your moments, consider how you want to live, set your priorities, and be prepared to face mortality in variant forms. It will happen. What will you do then?