It is not easy, is it? Are you taking care of someone who is ill? That someone could be mentally ill, or physically ill, or aging and just losing their ability to be independent. If you are a care giver, YOU can get low in energy, and short on happiness.

I recommend that you find a way to recharge. There are hundreds of ways to recharge. Meditation is a way. Exercise is a Way. Doing anything that makes you happy and takes your body and mind away from the ‘job’ of caring for someone is a way.

I hope that, if you live in San Diego, and you want to recharge you will join me at Dharma Center where we can talk about ways to shift your attention and recharge your energy. I hope you will consider adding meditation to your toolbox that is just for YOU>


About Lynne

I am a forever Student of Awakening and a teacher of Enlightened Mind. I am cofounder of Dharma Center. I practice meditation and mysticism. Writing is my passion, and I have authored two books, and in the wings of my miind there are several waiting.

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