What else can you do?  I don’t think we have a choice.  No matter ‘what’ we are ‘doing’  eventually we will step back, shake our head from side to side and talk to ourself.  “This is not the way it should be.”  “This is so wrong.”  “How did I get soooo out of practice?” “There must be a better way!”

No matter what the project looks like, you will probably come to this point of head shaking and analysis.  Such a moment may be filled with a dash or two of human emotion.

This is a no brainer, because it is life.  “HOW” you behave at this point of  realization is what I call the WAY, or the PATHWAY.   You can throw an adult tantrum filled with rage and expletives, which is a choice that has some gratifying release, and by the way is a common choice.  You can pretend ‘it’ doesn’t matter and stuff it.  Or, you can use this moment as just another place to restart your practice.

Take a deep breath.  Do it again, and follow your breath.  Take a three minute brain break where you simply breath slowly and focus on your breath.  You can focus on your in and out breath in your nostrils, or in your belly.

This three minute brain break is intended to be like a breakfast.  YOU FAST FROM THINKING.   Just for three minutes.  As you breath slowly and deeply, your sternum relaxes and oxygen circulates more efficiently.

This may be all you have to do.  When you refocus on your project you may ‘see’ it differently, resolve a problem, or accept the project and continue.  Imagine for a moment that you are a personal computer.  You are never turned off, 10 programs are running simultaneously, and you poor thing, there are four ‘users’.  You do it all!

You provide your users with speed, choice, efficiency and inspite of all this, you are verbally abused by everyone, and ‘they’ never ever give you a break!  They never turn you ‘off’, or even let you ‘sleep’.  Finally, you give yourself a break, you ‘CRASH’!

I advise, that before YOU crash an ugly human CRASH, you take a break.  Give yourself a FAST from thinking. Disengage and let yourself rest!  There are so many ways to take a break.  Try the 3 minute brain break, anytime, anywhere!  Try it many times a day, and observe any changes in your life.  Try it.  It is simple, and powerful!


About Lynne

I am a forever Student of Awakening and a teacher of Enlightened Mind. I am cofounder of Dharma Center. I practice meditation and mysticism. Writing is my passion, and I have authored two books, and in the wings of my miind there are several waiting.

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