One day you are worried about what you will do for fun. You try and find what it is that makes you ‘happy’. You discuss what is the best choice for travel, for daily happiness. You do what people in America have been trained to do. You prioritize. You might make a Bucket List of all those ‘things’ you want to see, do accomplish. I think all these ‘doings’ are really useful as you step through the moments of your life.

And then, something changes. Someone you love, maybe even you, gets slammed by life. Maybe you fall and break your neck, like my friend Alex. Maybe you find out that you have heart disease, and need a bypass. Maybe you find out that you or your loved one has cancer. Maybe your best friend dies suddenly. Maybe your dog got out and you don’t know if you will ever see him again.

I am not trying to sound like the voice of gloom and doom. Life happens, and if you live long enough, you will look in the face of illness, and death. What will you do in those moments?

You have absolutely NO idea, until you are in the middle of such an experience. I can tell you that having this meditation and mindfulness ‘practice’ is an advantage, a gift, and I will also tell you that your human heart will break, and fear will very likely run through your veins.

You really never know ANYTHING until you experience it. So, enjoy all of your moments, consider how you want to live, set your priorities, and be prepared to face mortality in variant forms. It will happen. What will you do then?


About Lynne

I am a forever Student of Awakening and a teacher of Enlightened Mind. I am cofounder of Dharma Center. I practice meditation and mysticism. Writing is my passion, and I have authored two books, and in the wings of my miind there are several waiting.

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  1. Karen Trulson says:

    I like to say, “Life’s a Journey, Enjoy the Ride!” No matter what this life throws at you, you have the POWER to choose to be “positive or negative.” I hope I would choose positive.

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