I know, it is NOT the way you thought it would be!  RIGHT!?  “It” rarely turns out like you planned, and when it does, yahoo! This is for you — the person who stands under that big umbrella that says CAREGIVER.

You may be a wife or husband, mom or dad, and on TOP of that you might be taking care of your aging parents.  You might have to care for family or others who are mentally or physically ill, and you might not be able to see an end in sight.  Such is the “way” for many of us.

Coping with the ‘way things are’, not the way ‘you thought life would be’ has a steep learning curve. It is not easy to watch your peers fly off to exotic playgrounds around the world, while you decide how to cook ‘what’ for whom.  It is not easy to hear peers complain about the big decisions that are driving them crazy–whether to return to Africa for their 5th Safari, or go on that cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.  Tough decision!

I have found that coping with the ‘reality’ has a lot of baby steps, and some giant steps backward.  If you want my advice, which comes straight  from LIFE experiences read on!

1.  Accept what ‘is’ — in your life  – NOW.
2.  Let go of what you ‘thought’ it would be – because life happens.
3.  Dig into each moment – stay in the moment with acceptance.
4.  Find ways to “travel” to brilliantly happy states of mind – naturally.
5.  Exercise and Breathe deeply – often!
6.  Be fully in the ‘here and now’.  Engage your senses fully in the moment.
7.  Find a practice that helps you quiet your thoughts–sitting or movement yoga.
8.  Read books – so many places to go in your mind – journey with the authors!
9.  Learn about your computer, your ipad, your inner self.  Study.

You can make your journey as a CAREGIVER work for you.  Please know that you have to take care of yourself.  If you do that, and remind yourself that ‘this too will pass’, then inside of each moment you can live in beautiful, even blissful states of mind.  Good Luck, and by the way, SELFLESS GIVING, or KARMA YOGA, is one of the highest pathways on the journey HOME, to LIGHT!


About Lynne

I am a forever Student of Awakening and a teacher of Enlightened Mind. I am cofounder of Dharma Center. I practice meditation and mysticism. Writing is my passion, and I have authored two books, and in the wings of my miind there are several waiting.

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